Two More Garfield Stores September 23 2014

Looking for official Garfield t-shirts, mugs, books, DVDs and gifts?  Check out these other online Garfield stores:

The Garfield STUFF Store is powered by CafePress and features a wide variety of apparel, mugs, DVDs and books!  If you're looking for a great gift for a Garfield fan who loves to cook, then consider Garfield's cookbook by Gooseberry Patch!  It's filled with 230 recipes and, of course, there's lots of lasagna recipes like Creamy Chicken Lasagna and Easy Overnight Lasagna! It's a hardcover book with 224 pages filled with recipes and entertaining Garfield cartoon art!


The Garfield Comics & More Store is powered by Zazzle and features personalized products with a focus on artwork from Garfield's iconic comic strip.  Just recently, some fan fave Garfield comic strips from the past four decades were added to coffee mugs! The best part is that each one can be PERSONALIZED!  Another super gift idea especially if the mug is filled with things like chocolate kisses...a bag of Starbuck's coffee beans & gift chocolate mix & mini-marshallows...tea bags with a cute bear filled with honey...or doughnut holes (this would be Garfield's favorite idea)!

Shown below is a mug featuring a Garfield comic strip from June 6th, 1994.  In case you can't read the strip, it says...

First Panel
JON: Well, look who finally got up
Second Panel
JON: Is it Garfield or Mister Grumpy?
Third Panel
JON: We don't like Mister Grumpy
GARFIELD: And Mister Grumpy doesn't like you.

"MR. GRUMPY" GARFIELD PERSONALIZED MUG starting at only $16.95