If You Could Buy Only One Thing October 02 2014

If there was only one thing that you could buy from Garfield's Art Gallery & Collectibles store, what would it be? That's a tough one but here are three recommendations:

Obviously, an original GARFIELD comic strip would be at the top of the list...especially a Sunday from the 80's. Even though an original Sunday comic strip costs $3000, they're worth it. A Sunday comic strip could take 2-3 days to complete. Plus, the last hand-drawn comic strip was published in late 2011. Now, only digital comic strips are created. Look at this GARFIELD comic strip from June 6th, 1982...WHAT WAS JIM DAVIS THINKING DRAWING ALL OF THOSE DAISIES???  Look through the calendar on this page to see which Sundays are still available for purchase. 

GARFIELD Sunday Comic Strip from June 6th, 1982
GARFIELD Original Sunday Comic Strip Artwork for $3000


If your budget is more modest, then next on the list would be the airbrushed artwork for the back cover of "The Second Garfield Treasury" published in 1983. The Treasury books contained a collection of Garfield Sunday comic strips printed in full-color. This book's cover shows an excited Garfield running towards a big gold pot filled with comic strips. BUT, on the back cover, we see the real reason why Garfield is so excited. It's because there's also a big pan of lasagna! This funny and historical artwork is available HERE and includes a new copy of "The Second Garfield Treasury" for just $145. 
Original Garfield airbrushed artwork for the back cover of The Second Garfield Treasury book published in 1983.
Garfield Airbrushed Artwork - Second Treasury Back Cover & Book both for $145


The classic Saturday morning animated show, Garfield and Friends, began its first season on CBS on October 15, 1988. Each half-hour episode contained two Garfield cartoons and one U.S.Acres cartoon. The show produced 121 episodes over seven years. The Garfield and Friends animation cels in the store are paired with a background from the show but because it may not be the actual background, the price is a very affordable $90!  A great way to own original artwork from the well-loved animated Garfield TV show from the 80's!

Garfield and Friends Animation Cel for $90!