Jim Davis Remembers Christmas October 26 2016

Jim Davis, GARFIELD creator, used his family's holiday traditions as inspiration for the 1987 prime-time, animated television special, A Garfield Christmas.

Jim Davis and his brother, Dave (Doc), on Christmas morning 1951.
Jim Davis (left) and his brother, Dave (his nickname is Doc), on Christmas morning in 1951.

"Christmas was definitely the big event of the year for our family. It was the time Dave, my younger brother, and I would get the 'big stuff' we'd been asking for all year. Of course, actually getting the 'big stuff' depended entirely on the success of Mom and Dad's crop that year. During a bad year, we'd probably get essentials like slippers, pajamas, and clothes. But during a good year, we received the essentials plus some great toys. I remember the year I got a red pedal-driven jeep and Dave got a rocking horse."  ̶ Jim Davis