About Us

Welcome to Garfield's Art Gallery and Collectibles Store...the official home of Garfield Jim Davis' concept sketches, airbrushed artwork, animation cels and more! 

Since 1978, Jim Davis (the creator of the GARFIELD comic strip) has archived Garfield products, original airbrushed artwork from the 80's and 90's, and even his own concept sketches from creative sessions! Jim has personally authorized the sale of these unique items to Garfield fans. His company, Paws, Inc., curates these archived items and offers them for sale in this one-of-a-kind online store. 

 Jim Davis working at his drawing table in the late 70's.
Early publicity photo of a thirty-two-year-old Jim Davis in his home studio which was located in Muncie, Indiana.

Jim does most of his sketching for comic strip ideas directly on a computer tablet called a Cintiq.