Gift Card Terms of Use

1. Gift Cards can be purchased the same way you purchase any other product in Garfield's Art Gallery & Collectibles Store.

2. Unlike a gift certificate, you can spread the gift card balance over multiple visits.

3. More than one gift card may be used towards a purchase.

4. Gift cards can be used more than once as long as there's a balance remaining.

5. Our Gift Cards are set to expire five (5) years from the issue date. 

6. Your Gift Card balance is displayed beside the gift card when applied to a cart during checkout. You can also check your balance by visiting the unique gift card link sent via email.

7. Gift cards can be applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

8. Discount codes cannot be applied to purchasing gift cards. 

9. Discount codes can be used in conjunction with gift cards in paying for items in our store.

10. Right now, gift cards are only offered digitally but physical gift cards may be available in the future.

11. There are no fees or taxes (US) associated with purchasing a gift card.

12. There are no fees associated with carrying a balance from year to year.