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    Garfield Original Daily Comic Strip


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    Original artwork for the Daily Comic Strip is only available between 1980 and November 27th, 2011. Not all dates, within this time period, may have a comic strip availableClick on an available date in the calendar to view the comic strip that was published on that day.

    Please note:  The last hand-drawn comic strip was published on November 27th, 2011. No comic strips after this date are available for purchase.

    Each Daily Comic Strip includes a black, acid-free mat and is signed by GARFIELD creator, Jim Davis.

    Comic Strip Approx. Dimensions: 14" wide x 4" high
    Overall Approx. Dimensions with Black Mat: 19" wide x 9" high

    Comic Strip Giclee Prints are available for all dates since June 19th, 1978. Daily Comic Giclee > 

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